Thursday, November 19, 2009

New thinking on addiction treatments

Just as things have got better with the gadetry we use, like this here internet, so too have we made progress medically in all sorts of things. Diabetes is now a chronic disease, not a short term death sentence, many cancers are treatable these days: but perhaps the greatest changes have come in our knowledge about drug treatment. Treatment for addictions in general in fact.

It wasn't all that long ago, certainly no more than a few decades, when addiction was regarded simply as a form of moral turpitude. Those who were addicted simply lacked fibre and should be punished out of their behavior. Thankfully we now recognise that addiction is a disease and thus look for things like drug treatment, alcohol treatment, addiction treatment, rather than moral exhortation.

We've also made great strides in exactly what that drug treatment might be. For we now recognise that there is not one single or simple thing that we can do to break addiction: we need to treat the patient holistically and there are a variety of treatments which work differently with different patients. For example, some respond best to therapy based treatments: others to interventions more medically orientated. And yes, the group work of things like the 12 step program does indeed work for some. So what we now do, or at least the more advanced treatment centers are doing, is what the Pat Moore Foundation does: offers all the applicable treatments from the one site. Click through any of the links for more information.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ticker Tape Parade 2009

Yes, there will indeed be a ticker tape parade in 2009 to welcome the victorious Yankees back into the heart of their home city.

The ticker tape parade 2009 will follow the traditional route: it all starts at 11 am Friday around Battery Park and then moves up Broadway and ends at City Hall. The route fot the ticker tape parade 2009 is as with other ticker tape parades over the years: up and through what is known as the Canyon of Heroes.

This is where traditionally New Yorkers have welcomed heroes to their city: whether it be one of the local teams victorious or returning astronauts or troops coming back from war.

There is of course one slight problem with the name: ticker tape parade. For no one on Wall Street still actually uses ticker tape (the original meaning was a way of getting stock market tradfes reported. This is of course all now done by computer) so in more recent years people have been shredding telephone books to throw out the windows.

Actually, that sounds like a business opportunity in these difficult times in 2009: get an industrial grade paper shredder, put it on a cart and ask whether anyone would like their phone book shredded to make ticker tape for the parade? You could probably get away with asking $10 a pop. And it would be an entrepreneurial way of bringing the ticker tape parade right up to date in 2009.